Riu Pitrisconi canyoning sardiniaCanyons in Sardinia are a fantastic way for everyone to explore the nature and have a great adventure.

You don't need to be too fit, don't need to have any experience and it only takes a few hours to complete a descent.

Nonetheless, you'll be facing a great adventure: walking on ancient river-beds and descending with ropes into the heart of the mountains. Only during the summer we descend also wet canyons, jumping into pools of water and enjoying the unbelievable freshness despite the heath.

What is Included

The cost of a canyon starts from €75 person*, for a group of 4 people minimum.

It includes:

  • Professional guide
  • Helmets, harnesses ropes and all abseiling equipment
  • For wet canyons: wet-suit and eventual water-proof bags and floating jacket

* = prices may be higher during the summer season (June to September)

What you need

You don't need to be fit, and don't need any experience. Be prepared to descend vertical jumps 5 to 30 meters high with rope and harness. You need to have:

  • Decent walking shoes (no sandals, flip-flops or lightly soled shoes)
  • Comfortable clothing or bathing suit if descending a wet canyon
  • Towel and a complete change of clothes if descending a wet canyon
  • Your food


Codula Fuili


Difficulty: Easy
Water: NO
Time: 4 hours
Length: 6km
Abseils: 5
Highest abseil: 30m

The canyon of Codula Fuili starts above the town of Cala Gonone and ends right on the beach of Cala Fuili. It takes no longer than 4 hours to descend the canyon and it ends on a relaxing beach. It is dry all year long and thus does not require wetsuits.

Riu Pitrisconi


Difficulty: Easy
Water: YES
Time: 4 hours
Length: 2 km
Abseils: 9
Highest abseil: 22 m

The Riu Pitrisconi is by far the funniest canyon in the island, and jumping on a cold pool of water sounds like a great alternative to burning your skin on the beach!

Badde Pentumas


Difficulty: Medium
Water: NO
Time: 8 hours
Length: 6 km
Abseils: 13
Highest abseil: 20m

Badde Pentumas is one of the hardest canyons in Sardinia but still accessible to anyone. It takes about 2 hours to walk from the car-park and at least 6 hours to descend the 25 jumps. You must be relaxed with heights and ready to commit for the whole lenght. Once you descend the first wall, there's no way back

Bacu Padente


Difficulty: Medium
Water: NO
Time: 5 hours
Length: 1 km
Abseils: 7
Highest abseil: 30m

The trekking of Bacu Padente wiggles around the crest of mountains just above the sea of Baunei. You'll be awed by the superb panorama witnessed from the top of cliffs and the passages into caves and natural arches. To fully enjoy Bacu Padente you need minimal abseiling experience and no fear of heights. 

Grotta Donini

 Grotta Donini Sardegna canyon

Difficulty: Hard
Water: Yes
Time: 4 hours
Length: 0,7 km
Abseils: 6
Highest abseil: 50m

The Grotta Donini is a short but truly awesome gorge. After descending the first entrance you'll be jumping and swimming on amazing subterranean lakes, passing from hall to hall. The way out is a really high abseil on a 50 meters waterfall. Return to the car on a easy and beautiful path.

Codula Orbisi

Codula Orbisi Sardegna canyoning

Difficulty: Hard
Water: Yes
Time: 7 hours
Length: 1 km
Abseils: 9
Highest abseil: 35m

The Codula Orbisi is a narrow and deep gorge in Supramonte, feeding water to the famous Gorroppu gorge. As the gorge has water all-year-round and some descents can be claustrophobic, attendees are required to have a minimum familiarity with abseiling and climbing. The ideal time for descending the Codula Orbisi is from may to August.