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10 easy multipitches near Gorroppu

10 easy Multipitches near Gorroppu Nearly everyone in Sardinia knows of the Gorroppu, the enormous gorge with extremely hard and overhanging multipitches. Unfortunately though, the Gorroppu is famuous for the really hard multipitches and not […]

Ulassai bolting week 2017

2017 Ulassai Bolting Week

Ulassai Bolting Week 2017 From 13 to 20 November 2017 Just like last year, the guys at Nannai Climbing Home have organized a bolting party in Ulassai to bolt a brand new winter sector in what has […]

A collection of Hand Made climbing Topos

A collection of Hand Made Topos So, let’s share some of this old stuff! This is a post or the old-timers, the hand-made passionate and for those who rage against the PC 🙂 We’ve put […]

Rock Fall on Pedra Longa

WARNING! Rock Fall on Pedra Longa On Monday October 16 a major rock fall involved a group of climbers during the ascent of the multipitch “Cromosomi Corsari”, on the sea stack Pedra Longa (Baunei).  The […]

Corso di Arrampicata – ProUp & BB Pedra Rubia

Corso Arrampicata Il Team di Guide Alpine ‘Pro Up’ (Varese) in collaborazione con il B&B Pedra Rubia di Nebida lanciano due corsi di arrampicata su roccia della durata di 3 o 4 giorni QUANDO: 29-31 […]

Marinaio di Foresta, multipitch, Pedra Longa, Baunei, Italy

5 Best Alternatives to the Needle in Cala Goloritze

5 Best Alternatives to the Needle in Cala Goloritze Punta Caroddi (aka “La Guglia” or “The Needle”) in Cala Goloritze is a great climb, that is sure, it has a fantastic view, that’s true, and […]

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