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10 easy multipitches near Gorroppu

10 easy Multipitches near Gorroppu Nearly everyone in Sardinia knows of the Gorroppu, the enormous gorge with extremely hard and overhanging multipitches. Unfortunately though, the Gorroppu is famuous for the really hard multipitches and not […]

Ulassai bolting week 2017

2017 Ulassai Bolting Week

Ulassai Bolting Week 2017 From 13 to 20 November 2017 Just like last year, the guys at Nannai Climbing Home have organized a bolting party in Ulassai to bolt a brand new winter sector in what has […]

A collection of Hand Made climbing Topos

A collection of Hand Made Topos So, let’s share some of this old stuff! This is a post or the old-timers, the hand-made passionate and for those who rage against the PC 🙂 We’ve put […]

Rock Fall on Pedra Longa

WARNING! Rock Fall on Pedra Longa On Monday October 16 a major rock fall involved a group of climbers during the ascent of the multipitch “Cromosomi Corsari”, on the sea stack Pedra Longa (Baunei).  The […]

Corso di Arrampicata – ProUp & BB Pedra Rubia

Corso Arrampicata Il Team di Guide Alpine ‘Pro Up’ (Varese) in collaborazione con il B&B Pedra Rubia di Nebida lanciano due corsi di arrampicata su roccia della durata di 3 o 4 giorni QUANDO: 29-31 […]

Marinaio di Foresta, multipitch, Pedra Longa, Baunei, Italy

5 Best Alternatives to the Needle in Cala Goloritze

5 Best Alternatives to the Needle in Cala Goloritze Punta Caroddi (aka “La Guglia” or “The Needle”) in Cala Goloritze is a great climb, that is sure, it has a fantastic view, that’s true, and […]

seaside climbing bolts corrosion

(Another) Warning for Sea-side Corrosion

(Another) Warning for Sea-Side Corrosion This video was shot by Gianluca Piras (one of Sardinian most active climbers and bolters) in January 2017 on the main crag in Masua. It shows clearly how rusted and […]

Climbing Villasimius Topos

Climbing in Villasimius

Climbing in Villasimius The beautiful and smooth granite of Capo Carbonara has seen a recent restyling, with the addition of new climbing problems. After changing the anchoring points of the old 20 problems, M.Oviglia, A.Mannias and […]

Climbing in Cala Luna

Climbing in Cala Luna We must introduce saying that this article wasn’t intended to encourage people to rock climb in Cala Luna but, quite the opposite, as a warning to all those who decide to […]

WOW multipitch buggerru sardinia italy

WOW – new Multi-Pitch in Buggerru

WOW – new Multi-Pitch in Buggerru Davide Lagomarsino and Alviero Garau recently equipped “WOW”, a new multi-pitch in the canyon of San Nicolò in Buggerru. It has 5 pitches with average difficulty 5c, with occasional […]

Feroce Umbra, Monte Oddeu, Multipitch, Sardinia, Italy

Feroce Umbra – New Multi-pitch in Monte Oddeu

Feroce Umbra – New Multi-Pitch in Monte Oddeu Daniele from DPMmontagna shared with us his last creation: a new multipitch @ Monte Oddeu. This is a translation of the description he published on his blog. […]

All the Via Ferratas in Sardinia

All the Via Ferratas in Sardinia Via Ferratas have recently become “a thing per-se” and their number is increasing every year. Separated from their original link to the Italian and Austrian Alps, Via Ferratas keep […]

Corso di Arrampicata Sportiva - eSportabile

Corso di Arrampicata

Corso di Arrampicata sportiva Partirà a brevissimo un corso di arrampicata sportiva, gratuito per 15 residenti nel Sulcis-Iglesiente di età compresa tra i 14 e 30 anni. Il corso è parte del progetto eSPORTabile, organizzato […]

Ulassai Climbing Festival 2017

Ulassai Climbing Festival 2017

Ulassai Climbing Festival 2017 The climbing bunch at Nannai Climbing Home, supported by the Comune di Ulassai and the Pro Loco, has organized the 1st edition of the Ulassai Climbing Festival.  Scheduled for the weekend […]

Climbing Grades Comparison Chart

Climbing Grades Comparison Chart We in Sardinia (and Italy) use mostly the French chart. All guide books and Topos are only show this grading system. For Americans or trad climbers it may be difficult to […]

Baunei sistema solare by Jan Kares

Sistema Solare – the new sector in Baunei

Sistema Solare – the new sector in Baunei Czech athlet Jan Kares has bolted a two new sectors in Baunei, right above the exhisting ‘Villaggio Gallico’ and ‘Creuza de Ma’. Jan named the new sectors Sistema Solare […]

Dorgali – Invitation to Tender

Rebolting Cala Gonone – Invitation to Tender The borough of Dorgali has recently published an Invitation to Tender for the complete rebolting of all climbing routes created within the territory of Dorgali (Cala Gonone included of course).  […]

Rock Climbing in Samugheo Sardinia

New Sectors in Samugheo

New Sectors in Samugheo Samugheo is one of those overlooked climbing locations that lay dormant waiting for the right time to spring to the podium.  Revamped with 2 new sectors: Apoteosi and Tana delle Volpi […]

Louis Piguet

Let’s all praise Louis Piguet

Let's all praise Louis Piguet You may know who Louis Piguet is, but you have all the rights not to know who he is or why should he be praised at all. In effect he […]

New Belaying devices coming out in 2017

New Belay Devices coming out in 2017 I am sure you have your own belay device and are very happy with the way it works but, you know, technology (and marketing) are always orchestrating a […]

Monteleone Rocca Doria, Rocca della Regina

Closure of the crag in Monteleone Rocca Doria

Closure of crag in Roccadoria Monte Leone The local authorities CLOSED the crag in Monteleone Rocca Doria to carry out reparation works on the cave near the crag. Access to the crag (Rocca della Regina) […]

Ulassai Wall Street

New Sectors in Ulassai

New Sectors in Ulassai Some of you may have heard of the recent climbing developments in Ulassai, thanks to a long series of problems bolted in recent years by Gianluca Piras, Maurizio Oviglia, Simone Sarti […]

Will this be a REVOlution?

Will this be a REVOlution? British manufacturer Wild Country presented REVO, its new and innovative belay device. The REVO is supposed to be safer than other mechanical assisted-locking devices as it stops the rope in […]

All Canyons in Sardinia

All Canyons in Sardinia This is a complete list of all known canyons in Sardinia. All the most interesting canyons are well described in the guide book Torrentismo in Sardegna by Corrado Conca, which is […]