Trekking in Sardinia

Treking sardinia, the best in the MediterraneanDiscover the most amazing trails in Sardinia. We walk only the hardest and the most beautiful paths, from the extreme Selvaggio Blu to the beautiful Great Trail of Supramonte.

Forget nights on four star hotels, for we walk on the wild side. You will walk on one of the wildest regions in Europe, passing on high plateaus, oak forests or spectacular ridges above the sea. You will sleep on ancient shepherds' huts, beaches or caves, tasting our typical food while admiring the milky way.

Most of the trails can be adapted to your stay in Sardinia, shortening them to fit your plans.


selvaggio-blu-traverso-smallThe Selvaggio Blu is the hardest and most beautiful trekking in Italy. The entire walk takes 6 days to complete and runs on top of a remote limestone coast passing through forests, caves and rivers.

The Selvaggio Blu is more than a trekking, it is a thorough mountaineering experience.


Great Trail of Gennargentu, trekking in the Mediterranean

The Great Trail of Gennargentu explores the highest peaks in Sardinia, walking the south side of the National Park of the bay of Orosei and Gennargentu.

The trekking lasts 3 days, walking a total of 4o kilometers with a gain of 2500 meters. Walking in the Genanrgentu area is ideal in autumn and spring-time


Monte Novo San Giovanni, Supramonte, Sardinia

The Great Trail of Supramonte crosses the vast plateaus, mountains and forests on the north side of the National Park of Gennargentu.

The trekking lasts 4 days, walking a total of 5o kilometers, sleeping three nights sleeping on ancient huts surrounded by almighty nature.