climbing in south europe on the mediterranean, autumn winter spring and summer

Sardinia is one of the best climbing locations in the Mediterranean. It has such a multitude of crags and climbing problems to allow climbing in any season. The mild temperature in the winter season makes Sardinia a great destination to escape the bad weather and enjoy climbing in the sun.

Sardinia is currently bolted with almost 4000 sport routes and 1000 multipitches. This is the cumulative work of international top climbers and local passionate joining forces and experience to create and maintain climbing problems of all grades.

As in many other Mediterranean islands the rock formation varies from limestone to granite and basalt. The majority of sport routes are bolted on solid limestone, leaving the granite unspoiled for classical trad climbing. From vertical slabs to overhanging tufas and from multipitches to trad climbing Sardina is a colossal playground for climbers, offering all sorts of possibilities.


Outdoor Climbing Courses


Climbing Cala Luna, Cala Gonone

If you are coming to Sardinia and want a short climbing course, get in touch and we will tailor one to fit your holiday. Whether you never climbed before or have only indoor experience we have what you need.

Base courses start with top-roping, belaying and building confidence with outdoor climbing, moving up to lead-climbing and anchoring techniques.

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Cala Luna climbing camp summer

Our Climbing Camps are week-long courses lead by professional IFMGA mountain guides.

Every camp starts on Sunday and ends on the following Saturday, with Wednesday off. All courses include 6 days climbing course, 2 dinners on a organic farm, all climbing equipment and the possibility to swap one day to experience canyoning or abseiling.

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Climbing Marinaio di Foresta in Pedra Longa Baunei

There’s few things you need to enjoy climbing a Multi-Pitches: lead-climbing 5b at least, experience in belaying a lead-climber, abseiling …and a brave attitude of course!

We provide experienced instructors and all equipment. Climb up to 400 meters high crags, immersed in the wilderness of the Supramonte or facing the blue Mediterranean sea. No need to to wait years, just do it!

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Riu Pitrisconi, Canyoning (Torrentismo) San Teodoro, Sardinia

The Riu Pitrisconi is open to beginners and is probably the funniest canyon in Sardinia. It is located in San Teodoro near Olbia and has water all year around.

The Riu Pitrisconi has a long sequence of deep pools and it is possible either abseil or jump into the majority of pools. It is immersed in the green and is the perfect alternative to the beach on hot summer days.


Codula Fuili Canyoning in Cala Gonone

The Codula Fuili is a dry and suggestive gorge located just above Cala Gonone, ending right at the beach of Fuili.

The Codula Fuili can be descended even in the summer, as it is mostly on shade. Attendees must be familiar in walking on very uneven terrain, as the approach takes 30 minutes walk on a river bad clustered with slippery rocks. Suitable to beginners and families (12 yo minimum).


Bacu Padente

The trekking of Bacu Padente wiggles around the crest of mountains just above the sea of Baunei.

You’ll be awed by the superb panorama witnessed from the top of cliffs and the passages into caves and natural arches. To fully enjoy Bacu Padente you need minimal abseiling experience and no fear of heights.

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Trekking del Selvaggio Blu, Pedra Longa da Monte Ginnircu Punta Giradili

The Selvaggio Blu is the hardest and most beautiful trekking in Italy. And it is more than just a long trek, the Selvaggio Blu is a thorough mountaineering experience.

The entire trek takes 6 days walking on top of a remote coast through forests, caves and dry rivers. The labyrinthine paths end abruptly at the edge of cliffs and deep gorges, giving you a chance to abseil and climb via-ferratas.

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Gran Traversata del Supramonte

The Great Trail of Gennargentu is a three days trekking crossing the highest mountains of Sardinia. It is a fairly hard trekking with a total gain of 2500 meters and 40 kilometers walk on uneven mountain paths.

Just like our other extreme trails, nights will be spent on ancient shepherds’ huts, experiencing the true Sardinian wilderness.

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Monte Novo San Giovanni, Supramonte, Sardinia

The Great Trail of Supramonte has already become a classical. With its 4 days walking on the wildest region of Sardinia it is one of the most enchanting trails in the Mediterranean.

The path wiggles for 50 kilometers discovering ancient Nuraghi, hidden springs, breathtaking plateaus, deep gorges and thick oak forests.

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