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10 easy multipitches near Gorroppu

Punta Cucuttos

10 easy Multipitches near Gorroppu

Nearly everyone in Sardinia knows of the Gorroppu, the enormous gorge with extremely hard and overhanging multipitches. Unfortunately though, the Gorroppu is famuous for the really hard multipitches and not to be an accessible territory for the many. 

We want to prove that this isn't the case, and also we common mortals (those who get tired) can enjoy an adventurous day out in the wild wild area of Gorroppu. 

The majority of these routes are at the "back" of the gorge, that is on the west side of Punta Cucuttos and the south side of Sa Forada 'e sa Ida. To reach these multipitches you should drive to Sedda ar Baccas and walk about 1 hour, passing from amazing locations such as Sa Giuntura and the bed of the Riu Flumineddu. We have created a map you can navigate to reach the base of the multipitches. Keep in mind that getting back may take longer as the path is quite steep. 

The Multipitches

N. Name Style Height (m) Pitches Max grade Obbligatory Creators Year Rebolted? 1 L'ultimo dei Mocheni spits & friends 230 14 6a+ 5c Pibiri & friends 2013 2 Pitzinnedda spits 200 5 5c 5c Pibiri & Brokexe 2014 3 Lughe 'e vida mia spits & frineds 330 10 6a 6a Pibiri & Erriu 2013 4 Los Compadres spits 330 7 5c 5c Pibiri & Carcangiu 2013 5 Tziu Basisi spits 275 9 6b+ 6a Oviglia & Mocci 2005 6 Schiavi senza Padrone spits & friends 370 8 6a 5c Piras & Scema 2013 7 Terrae Incognitae spits 235 5 5c 5c Conca Mele Amatori 2013 8 Aiutati che Boi ti aiuta spits & friends 540 12 6b 6b Domenichelli Scano Scema 1995 9 Viva Viva la Galera spits & friends 500 14 6a 6a Azalea Beuchoud Gogna 1981 10 Da Mario spits 270 7 6b+ 6a+ Pibiri Erriu Carcangiu 2003

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