All Climbing Areas in Sardinia

All Climbing areas in Sardinia

Check below our complete list of climbing areas in Sardinia. With over 6.000 sport climbing routes the island has so much to climb that you'd need to quit your job if you want to explore all the crags!

All pages have a map with very precise locations of each crag and sectors. (Bouldering areas are marked green) You just can't get lost

Sardinian cliffs started being equipped during eighties, and since then a multitude of local and foreign climbers have donated their skills and money to add climbing routes anywhere on this wild and sunny island.

The first area to be developed and still the most beautiful and wild is Cala Gonone. The little town is surrounded by the sea and limestone crags, with numerous sea-facing cliffs equipped.

Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone

Cala Goloritze

Cala Goloritze by Dan & Janine Patitucci


Simone Sarti on Nonno Pepino (7a) Foto Mattia Vacca


Climbing Masua mediterranean climbing



Wall Street Ulassai



Isili Crags

Bouldering Areas


Gallura Bouldering best location in the mediterranean


Bouldering in Porto Ferro, climbing sardinia


Bouldering in Capo Pecora

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