Masua is located on the south-west coast of Sardinia, about 30 minutes drive from Iglesias, in an underpopulated area away from city noises and lights. Masua has three main climbing areas: Il Castello dell'Iride, Wild Cadapria and I Torrioni, each divided in smaller sectors.

The best and most popular area is the great wall of Il Castello dell'Iride, sometimes known just as Masua. Its superb white limestone faces directly south and is bolted with over 80 sport problems ranging from 5a to 8a. Its oriengtation makes it the perfect winter climbing destination.

The rocky island known as Pan di Zucchero lays directly in front of the crag and has three easy multipitches. It is reachable only via boat or kayak and highly recommended!

Climbing Sardinia Masua
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Gutturu Cardaxiu

Gutturu Cardaxiu is a small canyon located halfway between Masua and Bugerru. It is ideal for summer months and allows to have fantastic climbs in August too (after 3 pm)

Gutturu Cardaxiu has 4 sectors, starting from the beautiful (truly) Istentales and carrying on with Sardus Pater and the really hard Banana Republic.

Grades vary from 5 to 8, and it offers some stunning, 35 meters long 6a, 6b, 6c and 7a. Also the style varies enormously, from perfectly vertical problems to some extreme overhangs and the classical easy smears in the Banana Republic sector.