Climbing in Ulassai

Ulassai is a real CLIMBING PARADISE! The town is located about 800m above sea level and between its various sectors -located just around the town- it has several hundreds problems from easy 4s to hard 8 grades.

The main climbing area in Ulassai is known as The Canyon, a stone's trow from town. The Canyon alone has over 120 problems, from easy 4 grades to nice 6 and extreme 8. Even in July and August the Canyon is mainly shady, making it the principal summer destinations for climbers.
If you prefer challenges, the sector Lecorci, also known as The Waterfall (because there really is a waterfall) has more than 60 problems on 7 grade.

In 2016 the Nannai Climbing Home has opened two new sectors: Su Fundu and Wall Street, with problems ranging from 5b to 7c+.

Download the Map of Sectors in Ulassai (Updated 2014)

Climbing in Ulassai. Photo by Cecilia Marchi

Image by Cecilia Marchi

Sight-seeing and Art:   In Ulassai you can visit the wonderful caves Grotte su Marmuri  and the beautiful Art station. Around the town you will notice a few art installations created by artist Maria Lai.  You can view her tapestry exposed at the Marmuri Museum.



The enormous crag above the town of Jerzu is located less than 3 miles south of Ulassai. Above the peaceful panorama, the crags of Jerzu are bolted with more than 400 sport climbing problems. Jerzu is located 900m above sea level and thus ideal for summer months.

These crags are divided in three main sectors, each one including problems ranging from 5c to 7c+. No much for beginners. So, if you're comfortable climbing from 6a, do pay a visit to Jerzu.

Ps: during the summer months you can easily find one of the many festivals dedicated to wine, food, theater, cabaret or cinema organized in town.

Download a guide of the sectors in Jerzu and Ulassai (updated 2007)