All the Multi-Pitches of Monte Oddeu

All the problems at Monte Oddeu

All the Multi-pitches at Monte Oddeu

Monte Oddeu is probably the best and most accessible crag filled with multi-pitches. It is located above the river Flumineddu, right in-between the Gorroppu gorge and the ancient and mysterious village of Tiscali, only 8 miles from Dorgali.  The height of the routes is 200m in average and difficulties range from 6a to 7a.

Access: from Dorgali follow signs to Gorroppu / Tiscali. Drive 12 km on a narrow and wiggly road towards the valley below. Park your car on the parking space by the bridge above the river Flumineddu.  Walk over the bridge and turn right towards Tiscali. At the first parking space on your left, follow the narrow foot-path entering the wood. Always keep left, walking by a wired fence until you reach the base of the crag.

We will try our best to keep this page up-to-date with new developments and updates on re-bolting or major changes to the routes.

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N. Name Style Height Max grade Obbligatory Creators Year Rebolted?
1 Spigolo Nord Trad (R1) 180m IV C. Andreatta E. Beber G. Cagnati 1973
2 Codina Di Topo Mix (Rs2) 160m 6a 5c C. Pibiri F. Erriu 2008
3 Compagni Di Viaggio Mix (Rs1+) 210m 6a+ 6a+ F. Cappa E. Pinotti P. Romanini 2000
4 Bang Boom Bang Sport (S1+) 200m 6b 6a M. Schaefer & C. 2013
5 Medio Verme Trad (R2) 305m VI G. Cicconi S. Finocchi M. Forcatura M. Tacchi 1981
6 Prego Porcini Trad (R1+) 225m 6a+ 6a F. Figueroa R. Thivel 1998
7 Por El Pueblo Oprimido Sport (S2) 240m 6c 6a P. Pezzolato S. Gojak 1998
8 Bo Tep Mix (Rs2) 200m 6c+ 6b+ C. Zampati N. Tiraboschi. L Ceron 1998
8a L'imbrago Bello Stretto Sport (S1) 185m 6b 6a M. Marceddu D. Turco 2015
8b Feroce Umbras Sport (RS2) 230m 6b+ 6a Daniele P 2017
9 Est-Asia Sport (S2+) 170m 6c 6b M. Oviglia S. Sarti 1999
10 Vivere Di Sogni Sport (S2) 155m 6c+ 6c C. Marchi M. Oviglia M. Zurru 1994
11 Via Dei Finanzieri Mix (Rs2) 260m 6b+ 5c E. Beber A. Partel 1973
12 Aurum Tellus Sport (S1+) 80m 6b+ 6b+ C. Conca N. Putzu 2002
13 Abbas Abbadas Sport (S1) 200m 6b+ 6a C. Conca 2000
14 Alfredo Alfredo Sport (S1+) 200m 7a 6b C. Pibiri F. Erriu 2012
14a Klettern Musik Sport (?) 200m 6c 6b Mario Ogliengo 2016
15 Madame Bovary Sport (S2) 200m 7a 6b E. Lecis 1995
15a Corri Coniglio Corri Sport (S2+) 210m 6c+/A0 6b M. Ogliengo B. Villa 2015
16 Attenti A Quei Due Sport (S2+) 200m 7a+ 6b+ M. Ogliengo B. Villa 2014
17 Appointment With The Beer Sport (S2) 200m 6c+ 6b J. Bassier M. Schaefer 2012
18 La Mia Africa Sport (S2) 200m 6c 6b C. Marchi M. Oviglia 1994
18a A Chent'annos Mix (R1/S3) 200m 7a 6b R. Vigliani L. Siliani 2015
19 La Nostra Svizzera Sport (S1+) 235m 6c 6a+ C. Marchi M. Oviglia E. Pinotti 2012
20 Tre Tazze Di Te' Sport (S2) 210m 6b 6a C. Pibiri F. Erriu 2011
21 Nirvana Sport (S2+) 300m 7b 6b E. Lecis & C. 1997
22 Sale Grosso Mix (Rs2) 255m 6c+ 6a+ A. Calvo L. Nadali 1997
23 Margarites Sport (R1+) 220m 7a+ 6b+ A. Calvo L. Nadali 1997
24 Buena Vista Social Club Sport (S2+) 7a+ 6c L. Nadali L. Ceron 1999

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