Bouldering in Sardinia

Gallura Bouldering best location in the mediterranean

Bouldering in Sardinia is a relatively new thing, which has seen a boom in the last 5 years with the opening and promotion of some fantastic areas. The most renowned boulders are probably those in Gallura, north end of the island, around the towns of Arzachena, Luogosanto and Tempio Pausania.

Although boulders can be found almost everywhere in Sardinia, the ones that can be really climbed are not many. The areas we will recommend have been tested and cleaned by heroic local climbers and some passionate boulderers from all over the world.



Gallura Bouldering best location in the mediterranean

The northern area between La Maddalena, Santa Teresa di Gallura and Tempio is scattered with thousands of magically sculpted granite blocs.

From the coast to the mountains, the majority of these blocs still need to be climbed, the possibilities are endless.


Bouldering in Sardinia

The center Sardinia has many bouldering areas on fresh summer locations. Granite is mixed with limestone, offering a gentle alternative to worn fingers!

Many boulders are located in private lands and so obtaining permission is a must before climbing.


Bouldering in Capo Pecora

Form Cagliari to Bugerru, the south coast has plenty of granite boulders and water crags for deep water soloing.

Although Cagliari has an overwhelming quantity of boulders, you should not miss Capo Pecora, one of the most beautiful and remote locations.

Hiring Crash Pads

The only place where to hire Crash Pads in Sardinia is the Agriturismo La Cerra, in the centre of the biggest and most beautiful bouldering area of the island. have a look at our page Climbing in Gallura for more info.


Bouldering in Gallura - Photo by Klaus Dall'Orto

10 thoughts on “Bouldering

  1. hi, do you have guided tours for cajak and boulder around orosei?

    I would join for one day, please let me know.

    best regards

    1. Hello Martin,
      Unfortunately there’s no much bouldering around Orosei.
      We do kayak and DWS in Masua in Masua though! Which is also close to Capo Pecora, where you can find plenty of granite boulders by the sea

  2. steve from bristol wdniedg photographer – Nathan, I visit this page every week hoping there’s some new work from you but there hasn’t been too much lately to my disappointment. I’m sure you’re busy so don’t worry! I’ve only just properly checked out this calendar and there’s some fantastic shots, including this one. Something very serene about it. It must be oddly peaceful when you’re mid way through such a climb and pause for a second to take in the scenery.

    1. Hi Bernard. You are so right. It’d be about time to add new content!
      In effect there are many local climbers opening new bouldering areas all-over Sardinia.
      The problem though is that many of them don’t actually want to share information online.
      We try to keep everybody happy and respect the work of the few who dare.
      Now, just as a start, we’ve added today a Google map we’ll keep updating with really precise locations of bouldering areas.
      Let us know how you’d improve
      Take care

  3. Hi,
    I’m just wondering if there is some Gym Bouldering or Gym Climbing in Sardinia ? I’ll be travelling by my own and I’m looking for a plan B if I can’t find anyone for climbing during my next holidays.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Fabian,
      If you’ll be travelling alone, I’d suggest heading to Ulassai. You can always find a partner buddy at the Canyon or at the B&B Nannai Climibing Home.
      Anyhow, you can find bouldering centers in Cagliari (V10 Il Circolo, V10 Boulderzone), Sassari (No Limits), Oristano (Be-Q Block) and Nuoro (Ortoblock). Do not imagine massive indoor climbing centres. These are more like bouldering walls.
      Take care

  4. I am planning to be in Sardinia for most of March and was hoping to find some new areas to develop. Does anyone have suggestions where to start looking? On google maps it looks like there is rock everywhere so I would like to find a central location for climbing as I will have a car. Is there anywhere to buy a pad? Or should I go to some of the farms with lodging? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hello Aaron,
      “find a new area to develop” is a praiseworthy task, but enormously time-consuming. Sardinia is indeed covered with rocks and you may still find plenty of possible new areas. Anyhow, just looking at Google Maps won’t do any good. For boulders granite is often better than limestone, so check north-east and south-east, where other areas already exist. Watch-out many lands are private and used for grazing.

  5. Ivan,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I was looking at the areas in the NE as I was thinking of renting a car in Rome and taking the ferry to Olbia. Granite sounds great are there any areas you think have the best concentration of boulders over 7C+? Are there public lands that have climbing in Sardinia?

    Thanks for all your help


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