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Bouldering in central Sardinia

Although there are hundreds of clean and nice boulders to climb in central Sardinia, THEY ALL lay on private land! Most of the areas are fenced out and reachable only if accompanied by local climbers or with the permission of the land owner.

This is a list of the bouldering areas around Nuoro, created by our friends from BloccoBirra, a group of local bouldering passionate. In case you'd like to climb any of these areas we recommend to email someone at BloccoBirra and kindly ask to join them on a climbing session.

Ps: there are no shops, associations or groups who rent crash-pads around Nuoro, the only place where to find crash-pads is in Gallura, visit this page for more info.


Boulders around Nuoro
Location   Area name GPS coordinates N. of Problems Min Grade Max Grade
Baunei Serra Oseli  40.123077 9.564682 63 4b 7a+
Nuoro Sa Radichina On Private Land
Nuoro Mamodino On Private Land
Nuoro Pitoni Resinati On Private Land
Nuoro Cucina Alta On Private Land
Nuoro Cucina Bassa On Private Land
Onifai Giardino Zen On Private Land
Onifai Desert Zone On Private Land
Orani Orani 40.240778 9.151174 55 4b 7c
Orotelli Various Sectors 40.302029 9.09916 (Cuccureddu) - 40.311140 9.101369 (Sa Vedetta) - 40.307638 9.109930 (Inbabagiano) 4b 8a+
Sarule Old Sector 40.238511 9.161720 55 4b 7c
Sarule New Sector 40.236875 9.163971 4b 7b



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