Bouldering North Sardinia

Bouldering in the North

In 2013 a group of top climbers led by Pietro Dal Prá and sponsored by La Sportiva opened hundreds of granite boulders in Gallura, the north-east region of Sardinia. The best areas are located around the towns of Arzachena and Tempio Pausania, plus other boulders by the sea. The granite boulders have psychedelic wiggly shapes, sculpted and rounded by the winds, with difficulties from 5 to 8 grade.

In May 2015 a nice Bouldering area was inaugurated in a wood next to the town of Luogosanto. The area is very close to town and rests in the middle of a typical Sardinian oak forest, with low and scarce vegetation.

If you like trad climbing, there’s also a superb multi-pitch route opened on the spire of Monte Pulchiana by James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini while on honeymoon in Sardinia.


Download the guide of boulders in Gallura

Click here to download a PDF map of Luogosanto Boulders

Sardinia Bouldering, photo by Klaus Dall'Orto
Bouldering in Gallura



Hiring Crash Pads

The owners of La Cerra offer free Crash Pads to all their guests. 
In case you have other accommodation but require Crash Pads please be in touch with Alberto at La Cerra

Click here to see the map of all the sectors at La Cerra, including the new ones



Where to Stay - Agriturismo La Cerra

If you intend to boulder in Gallura we highly recommend staying at the Agriturismo La Cerra, a gorgeous organic farm located below Monte Pulchiana, in the granitic heart of Sardinia. La Cerra is family-run and completely self-sufficient, relying on their gardens and livestock for food and on solar light for electricity and hot water.

Whether you take shelter in one of their double rooms, pitch your tent on their oak-tree forest or park your van on their land, you will be amazed by the magnitude of the panorama. From the farmhouse it is only a five minutes’ walk to the first bouldering areas and you can also access countless blocks that have been cleaned but never climbed before.

Oh, and we haven’t said about the quality of their food yet! The menu is made of 100% typical Sardinian specialties, conjured with perfect combinations of home grown vegetables, meat from their livestock and other locally sourced ingredients (yes, of course, they do vegetarian meals too!)



Other Bouldering Sectors in North Sardinia

Location Area name GPS coordinates N. of Problems Min Grade Max Grade
La Maddalena Nido D'Aquila 41.216032 9.379669 38 6b 7c
La Maddalena Massineo 41.224547 9.378594 A Lot!
San Teodoro Iene 40.802499 9.592048 24 4c 7c
San Teodoro Bussu On Private Land 45 4c 8a
Olbia Olbia 15 4b 7a+
Olbia Torre di Predes 40.876649 9.487212 31 4b 7a+
Onifai Desertzone 40.451067 9.717305 20 6b 7c



3 thoughts on “Bouldering North Sardinia

  1. Very nice Webside
    Thank you for so much passion.
    Really looking forward to come and solve some problems in June. Hopefully is getting not to hot ????

    1. Thank you Bastian ????
      Although June is quite hot you can still find decent conditions in Arzachena or enjoy the sea boulders scattered all around the coast (see La Maddalena and Capo Testa).
      Have fun, and send us pictures ????

  2. Hello and thanks for showing us the nice boulder spots in Sardinia,
    Some friends and I are going mid of May to Sardinia and we will stay close to San Teodoro.
    You wrote on your web site that “Bussu” is on private land. Is there someone to contact to ask for permission to enter the property?
    At bloccobirra sit I did not find further information.

    Where could we get further information?

    Ti salute!

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