Bouldering South Sardinia

Bouldering in the South

Analogously with the situation in the Centre Sardinia, most of the boulders around cagliari are on private land. This is why many areas are kept almost-secret. One of the most beautiful and frequented areas, known as Codoleddu, saw climbers grew coutless and the land owners decided to deny access in 2011 after a bouldering meeting.

Following here is a list of the areas. We cannot stress enough on how important it is to respect the nature, not littering or damaging trees, not camping and most importatly not having fires.

In case you'd like to visit a boulder area  on private land it is necessary to contact its owners, or be introduced by us or other Sardinian climbers. Overall, it is much easier to boulder on open areas, such as Capo Pecora, or north in Gallura.

Ps: there are no shops, associations or groups that rent crash-pads around Cagliari, the only place where to find crash-pads is in the North, visit this page for more info.

Area Name GPS Location N.of Problems Min Grade Max Grade
Area 69 On Private Land
Area 44 On Private Land
Blogbuster On Private Land
Cala Biscia On Private Land
Campus On Private Land
Capo Carbonara 39.098702 9.521938
Capo Pecora 39.475322 8.388181
Cattedrale nel Deserto On Private Land
Geremeas (Fungo Magico) This site is CLOSED
Is Concias 39.2577 - 9.35952
Mari Pintau  39.181611 - 9.364111
Monte Cresia 39.280811 9.387088 38 4c 6c
Furtei 39.557159 8.972303 41 4+ 7a
Pecore Elettriche This site is CLOSED
Posto di Blokko This site is CLOSED
SMS & Mentalist On Private Land
Superfox On Private Land
Rio Cannas 39.354952 - 9.492772 50 5a 7a+
Torre delle Stelle 39.163095 - 9.399636
Miracolo di Natale On Private Land
Vento di Passione On Private Land

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