Deep Water Soloing

Deep Water Soloing

Although there are hundreds of possibilities around the 1800 kilometers of coast, there is NO one major area for Deep Water Soloing in Sardinia. Probably we are distracted by the massive presence of limestone crags to turn our head to the sea. At the moment in effect we know of many places but never feel confident in recommending any particular spot. Many places only have one boulder above the sea, thus not worthy the trip. Other sea cliffs can only be reached by boat and others are too dangerous to be recommended.

Anyhow the best locations are probably Capo Caccia, Capo Testa, the island of Tavolara and the coast between Cala Luna and Cala Sisine.

Other decent spots include Cala 'e Lua, S'Archittu and the arch in Cala Goloritze.

The south-east side of Tavolara has lots of DWS spots that still need to be developed. This would probably be our first choice.

Comments are open, if you know of any great spot just let the web know (and we'll add it to the map below)

Deep Water Soloing Map

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  1. Hello matt

    I am travelling to alghero, close to capo caccia, and i am interested in going there for DWS.

    Did you go there, did you find any more info about the area, was it easy to find according to map?

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