Bacu Padente

Abseiling Bacu Padente

The descent of the canyon Bacu Padente, instead of running along its riverbed, develops on the extremely thin and panoramic ridge on its orographic right. This is in effect an abseiling experience rather than canyoning.

After a 30 minutes walk on sharp and unstable rocky terrain, the path reaches the top of the crag, gaining a breathtaking scenery over the steep crags and the sea that make famous this part of Sardinia. Part of Bacu Padente is also crossed by the extreme trekking Selvaggio Blu, famous for its beautiful sceneries above the sea.

After a series of 30 meters high abseils the itinerary enters a cave, crossing it to reach the opposite side of the ridge and continuing the descent to the sea.

From the sea, a 45 minutes walk takes back to the starting point.


Difficulty: Medium
Water: NO
Descent time: 5 hours
Approach Time: 30 mins
Length: 1 km
Vertical Gain: -240m
Abseils: 7
Highest abseil: 30m


To descend Bacu Padente comes to

€75 per person