Badde Pentumas

Canyoning Badde Pentumas

Badde Pentumas is one of the longest canyons in Sardinia, consisting in a 2,5 kilometres series of abseils wrapped in a wonderful and wild landscape. The ancient river that carved these mountains created a crooked and almost frightening scenario, with narrow and deep passages surmounted by enormous walls and sparse vegetation.

Although being a DRY canyon, Badde Pentumas requires commitment and an appropriate fitness level. It takes almost 2 hours to walk to the starting point and at least 6 hours to descend.

As the approach is very steep and exposed to the sun, we avoid descending this canyon during the summer.


Difficulty: Hard
Water: NO
Descent time: 6 hours
Approach Time: 2 hours
Length: 2.5 km
Vertical Gain: -460m
Abseils: 13
Highest abseil: 20m


The descent of Badde Pentumas comes to

€85 per person