Canyoning Codula Fuili

Canyoning Codula Fuili

The canyon Codula Fuili is located near the town of Cala Gonone and is one of the easiest canyons in Sardinia. Although there are 5 abseils -one of which reaches 30 meters in height- the canyon has no running water, and that makes it is suitable to beginners and families (minimum age is 12).

The canyon is mostly shaded, making it possible to enjoy it even during the summer. Walking on the ancient riverbed, it is necessary to abseil 2 short drops before reaching the central and most interesting part of Codula Fuili, which becomes gradually narrower as the walls become higher and the lights fades off. A 25 meters abseil allows the entrance into the hearth of the canyon, where it is possible to appreciate the peace and silence of this remote location.

The final part of the descents stretches on a easy and beautiful path, filled with flowery Oleanders, straight to the beach Fuili, where the adventure may end with a refreshing swim.


Difficulty: Easy
Water: NO
Descent time: 4 hours
Approach Time: 1h 20"
Length: 6km
Vertical Gain: -345m
Abseils: 5
Highest abseil: 25m


The descent of the Codula Fuili comes to

€75 per person