Canyoning Riu Pitrisconi

Canyon Riu Pitrisconi

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The Canyon Riu Pitrisconi is by far the most enjoyable and refreshing summer activity in Sardinia. The canyon is as beautiful as it could be, immersed in a wild landscape shaped by curvy granite rocks and adorned with flowery oleanders. Riu Pitrisconi has a modest flow of water, even during the peak of summer, and the surrounding hills are covered with pine woods and oak trees.

From the first abseil the itinerary never leaves the riverbed, alternating a series of abseils and jumps on very deep pools of clear water. While the most adventurous participants can enjoy jumping, our guides lower the rest of the group without any pressure.

The Riu Pitrisconi is accessible to beginners and families too (minimum age is 8). No need for equipment or technical skills, our guides take care of all manoeuvres, supervising the entire group and guaranteeing .

Reaching Riu Pitrisconi

From our meeting point in Badualga (near San Teodoro) we will drive about 20 minutes on a dirt track to reach the park Monte Nieddu. From our parking area it only takes 2 minutes to reach the canyon.


Clothing: please wear bathing suit and possibly a polyester t-shirt under your wet-suit. We recommend having a change of clothes to leave in the car and wear after getting back.

Foot Wear: we will be walking on slippery rocks and on rocky paths. It is important to wear trainers or closed sandals. NO flip-flops!!!

Walking Back: At the end of the canyon the group walks 30 minutes on a path to get back to starting point.



Meeting time: 11am
End Time: 4pm approx.
Difficulty: Easy
Water: YES
Descent time: 3,5 hours
Approach Time: 5 mins
Length: 2 km
Abseils: 7
Highest abseil: 18 m


N.of participants Price
2 to 4 €75
5 to 6 €60
7 to 8 €55

Canyoning Equipment

Climbing Sardinia provides all participants with the necessary equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Wet-suit
  • Bags

Each group will have a few bags to carry water and some snacks. We recommend not to take your phones unless you have a water-proof bag.


Meeting point

We meet at 11am at Badualga, which is just 5 minutes south of San Teodoro. From here we drive on a dirt track for 30 minutes to reach the starting point of the canyon