Climbing Courses

Bespoke Climbing Courses

Our Climbing Courses can last from 1 to 6 days.  If you are coming on holiday to Sardinia and would like to try an outdoor climbing course do get in touch and we will tailor the perfect course for your needs.

Climbing Sardinia works with a network of instructors providing climbing courses throughout the island. Please let us know where you will be staying and the dates you would like to reserve. We will prepare a plan for you to explore the best areas depending on your experience and preferences.

We provide all climbing equipment -excluding climbing shoes*-, so that you do not need to bring your rope and carry excessively heavy luggage.



These are drop-in climbing sessions. For those who have never ever climbed before and want to try climbing before enrolling on a course.


Base outdoor climbing courses are aimed to those who have never climbed before, or have only indoor experience. Courses can last from one to five days, depending on instructors availability or attendees needs. Base courses start with belaying and building confidence with outdoor climbing, moving up to lead-climbing and anchoring techniques.


All our advanced courses are tailored around attendees previous experiences. Instructors will examine current practices, correct all bad habits and teach advanced techniques on vertical progression, balance, resting and breathing, rigging, rappelling techniques and emergency maneuvers.

*= we do actually hire climbing shoes for an additional €5 per day, but heartily recommend to bring your own.


The price for all courses start from €140 per person 

Prices may be higher in July and August.

The price includes hiring of all climbing equipment, excluding climbing shoes

This does not include transportation, food or any other accessory service.

what you need

To participate to any of our courses you should firs read and fill our forms:

Climbing can be a very tiring sport so you need to be fit enough to walk to a crag and climb it. You will need appropriate clothing and closed shoes. Instructors may refuse to accompany attendees wearing flip-flops or similar open shoes. You will need to have a small rucksack (up to 40 liters) and carry at least your personal equipment, personal items, water and snacks.

The course DOES NOT INCLUDE a personal insurance. We recommend purchasing an insurance from one of the companies below, prior to starting your holiday.