Multipitch Climbing Courses

multipitch courses

Multipitch Climbing Courses, Sardinia, Mausua

We believe that climbing multi-pitches is the best way to understand the true nature of Climbing. There are almost 1000 multipitches Sardinia, many of which are bolted on sea crags and can reach 400 meters of height.

Our Multipitch Climbing Courses will teach you all the necessary knowledge needed to enjoy safely all bolted multipitches. From the best practice in belaying the first and second to threading anchoring points and various abseiling techniques we will take you through the whole process towards becoming an all-round climber.


Our multipitch climbing courses last 5 days and will take you through the whole process of becoming an independent climber.

Starting from the basic knowledge you will be learning:

Equipment use and maintenance

  • understanding all equipment, its correct use and proper care


  • common knots for security, belaying and abseiling (Eight knot, bowline, Italian hitch, clove hitch, prusik etc.)



Anchoring points

  • threading various types of anchoring point with static and dynamic systems, analysing Pro & Cons

Climbing a rope

  • emergency techniques on how to climb a rope using available equipment (reverso + cordino)


If you are not sure about enrolling on a full course on multipitches you can always try a taste of it with our Experience Days. They are aimed to let you have an insight on what it really means and test your confidence with heights without committing to a full course.

On an Experience Day you will be climbing as second a multipitch up to 200 meters high. Our instructors will lead the way and take care of all maneuvers and safety, letting you concentrate on climbing and enjoy your adventure.

In order to go participate to an Experience Day you must have good experience in belaying a leading climber and abseiling.


Experience Days start from €240 per person per day

Multipitch Climbing Courses start from €220 per person per day.

This includes all climbing equipment excluding climbing shoes.


What you Need

Prior to start a Multipitch Climbing course it is important to have some experience in lead climbing or top-roping. You should also have a basic understanding of belaying a lead climber, the course will concentrate on more important things if you have already covered the basics yourself.

You will need to have your climbing shoes and a rucksack (40 liters minimum) to help carrying the equipment to the crag.

You should be wearing appropriate clothing to the specific season and climbing location. Wear good trainers and no open shoes. You should have some light snacks, water and personal items.