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Climbing in Villasimius

Climbing Villasimius Topos

Climbing in Villasimius

Climbing Villasimius Topos

The beautiful and smooth granite of Capo Carbonara has seen a recent restyling, with the addition of new climbing problems.

After changing the anchoring points of the old 20 problems, M.Oviglia, A.Mannias and P.Contini, bolted almost 20 new routes. The crag is currently in perfect style and in a fine location to climb even during the summer.

It is a great location to test your smearing skills. All problems, including the easiest, require concentration and good balancing technique. For the hard core guys, try out the route Braille Trail, a smooth wall with microscopic holds (nails!!).

Avoid going there on hot days wetted by the humid Scirocco wind, it may become a very greasy and unpleasant experience!

The crag goes on shade after 3pm and its short distance from the parking lot (15 minutes walk).

N. Name Grade
1 Aki 5b
2 Bloc 7a
3 Diana 6b
4 vecchia via (non richiodata)
5 Yuki 6a+
6 Diedro alla vernaccia 4c
7 Spigolo alla vernaccia 5c
8 Il Gigante 6b
9 Batticuore 6a+
10 Angolo 6a+
11 Il paradise dei poveri 6a
12 Molecole 6b
13 Ho visto cose 5b
14 Mucho sol 7b
15 Sei uno zero 6c
16 Astrosamantha 7a+
17 Celos a
18 Diversametne fusi 5c
19 So’ragazzi 6c
20 Normal man 7a+
21 Mare dei sogni 6b+
22 Stalking 7a
23 Hard Rock 7c+/8a
24 La buona azione 6b+/6c
25 Yawl 7a+
26 Ketch 7b
27 Senza veli progetto
28 Senza lavoro 7b
29 Lo sporco lavoro 6c+
30 Delfino curioso 6b+
31 Braille trail 7c+
32 Rock girls 7a
33 Bogus man 7a+
34 Black mamba 7b
35 Nebula 6a+
36 Zeppola 6b
37 Man in black 7b+

Sept 2017 UPDATE

We've just been to the crag in Villasimius and noticed the bolts are already starting to rust. The material used -Stainless Steel 316- is showing clear signs of decay. Always pay attention to where and what you climb

Rust in Villasimius - September 2017

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