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New easy climbing sector in baunei

Pedra Longa, Settore Mare, sport climbing sector, Baunei, Topos

New Easy Climbing Sector in Baunei

During the last year we have witnessed the birth of many new crags in the area of Baunei. After the ones crated by Jan Kares and the many by the group Ragni di Lecco, Maurizio Oviglia bolted up an easy sector just by the parking lot of Pedra Longa, reaching the demand for beginners' routes in the area of Baunei.

During the summer the crag is on shade up until 1pm, and then again from 6pm.

Settore Mare

Name Height Grade
Signorina Fantasia 90m 5a - 5c- 5b - 4c
Erthole 20m 5b
Cenere 20m 5b
Chiaroscuro 35m 7a
Arde il Mare 30m 6b
Arcipelaghi 32m 6c+
Canne al vento 32m 6a+
Nostalgie 25m 5a
Pueblo 20m 4c
Lei era l'acqua 15m 6b+
A fogu aintru 12m 6b+
Piombo fuso 12m 6b

Settore Scalette

Name Height Grade
Elias Portolu 20m 4c
Notte Sarda 20m 5a
Paese d'Ombre 20m 6b
Miele Amaro 18m 6c+
Ferro Recente 20m 6c
Bellas Mariposas 20m 6a+
Terra Mala 20m 6a
Araj Dimoniu 12m 6a
Futuro Interiore 12m 5c+
Neropioggia 12m 5a
Nuraghe Beach 12m 5b
Raccontar Fole 15m 5c
Crepe 12m 4b
Doppio Cielo 15m ?
Dar Karalis 15m 5c
Padre Padrone 20m 6a+
Millant'anni 20m 5b
Verdus 18m 6b
Dura Madre 20m 6a+
Sardonica 15m 6b+
Baunei, Pedra Longa, climbing sector Settore Mare arrampicata
Baunei, Pedra Longa, climbing sector Terrazze arrampicata

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