Dorgali – Invitation to Tender

The borough of Dorgali has recently published an Invitation to Tender for the complete rebolting of all climbing routes created within the territory of Dorgali (Cala Gonone included of course). The amount of the bid is € 132.097 and it specifies the need of qualifications equal to Alpine Guide. The bid will teminate on January 31 2017   at 1 […]

Rock Climbing in Samugheo Sardinia

New Sectors in Samugheo

Samugheo is one of those overlooked climbing locations that lay dormant waiting for the right time to spring to the podium.  Revamped with 2 new sectors: Apoteosi and Tana delle Volpi and rebuilt paths it can now be considered one of the new climbing destination in the Island. The climbing area in Samugheo was developed […]

Louis Piguet

Let’s all praise Louis Piguet

You may know who Louis Piguet is, but you have all the rights not to know who he is or why should he be praised at all. In effect he doesn’t really like the showbiz. Louis is one of those people who like to make this world better (the climbing world at least) and keep […]

New Belaying devices coming out in 2017

I am sure you have your own belay device and are very happy with the way it works but, you know, technology (and marketing) are always orchestrating a new way for you to spend some more cash. So, these are a few new belay devices that are going to contend the market in 2017. Each […]

Monteleone Rocca Doria, Rocca della Regina

Closure of the crag in Monteleone Rocca Doria

The local authorities CLOSED the crag in Monteleone Rocca Doria to carry out reparation works on the cave near the crag. Access to the crag (Rocca della Regina) will be denied from SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER 2016  – or until end of the works (we know it always takes longer than expected). In the meanwhile, if you are […]

Ulassai Wall Street

New Sectors in Ulassai

Some of you may have heard of the recent climbing developments in Ulassai, thanks to a long series of problems bolted in recent years by Gianluca Piras, Maurizio Oviglia, Simone Sarti and many other climbers. Anyhow, those of you who have climbed in Ulassai surely spent some time pointing your nose towards the still countless […]

Will this be a REVOlution?

British manufacturer Wild Country presented REVO, its new and innovative belay device.The REVO is supposed to be safer than other mechanical assisted-locking devices as it stops the rope in either direction and has no lever to over-ride the locking system. This means that there is not one correct way of using it but both ways […]

All Canyons in Sardinia

This is a complete list of all known canyons in Sardinia. All the most interesting canyons are well described in the guide book Torrentismo in Sardegna by Corrado Conca, which is probably the most complete guide, a must for if you intend to explore them all.The list below was updated in 2015 and includes also […]

Warning – rusty bolts in Cala Spinosa

Although fascinating and magic, Cala Spinosa has become a bit of a rusty can in the desert… This is a warning message to those who may want to explore it and climb on one of the few bolted granite sea crags in Sardinia. The majority of the bolts are in very bad conditions as they […]

Our Survey Winners!

First of all, we want to send a big THANK YOU to all those who completed our recent survey both in London climbing centers and online through our website. Your feedback was precious and we hope we can improve our climbing camps even further.The second THANK YOU goes to Josh and all at Organic Climbing […]

Alexander Huber climbs Il Capitano

German top climber Alexander Huber has sent and sent two new clean problems on a sea cliff between Cala Gonone and Baunei.The two problems were named Solemar (8a) and Il Capitano (8b+) and start directly from the sea, requiring a boat to host the belayer. If you think of the name Il Capitano, you may […]

Masua new climbing problems

Our three new babies

After dreaming of it far too long we managed to bring drill, anchors and coffee to bolt three new problems in Masua.Our best man Igor spotted the line about one year ago, while descending from multi-pitch No Global. The line was in effect very attractive, a superb overhang and a dangling enormous tufa to reach […]

New Routes Everywhere

Was there a bolt or anchoring points sale recently? Did we miss it??It seems that a horde of climbers have gone crazy to bolt a number of new problems across the whole island. I’m not complaining of course! It is just so great I cannot believe it 🙂 And now back to the crags to […]

Bouldering in Porto Ferro, climbing sardinia

Acropaiort Boulder Contest

1st Edition of the ACROPAIORT Bouldering ContestSaturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May – Porto FerroWhat’s OnSaturday 15.00 Meet-up by B&B Campi Elisi and visit to the boulders 16.30 Slackline 30 m, ping pong, Qi Gong, yoga, relax area 21.00 Social Dinner, beer and musicSunday 10.00 Signing-up kids and adults competitions – €10 per person […]

Adam Ondra on Marina Superstar - The Hardest climb in Sardinia

The Hardest Problems in Sardinia

Now, many people ask us “what are the hardest climbing problems in Sardinia?” to which we tended to reply very evasively, such as in ‘it depends’I know, it is annoying, you want a direct answer. One name, that’s it, give me that name!…but in effect it does depend! There’s first of all the enormous gap […]

All the problems at Monte Oddeu

All the Multi-Pitches of Monte Oddeu

Monte Oddeu is probably the best and most accessible crag filled with multi-pitches. It is located above the river Flumineddu, right in-between the Gorroppu gorge and the ancient and mysterious village of Tiscali, only 8 miles from Dorgali.  The height of the routes is 200m in average and difficulties range from 6a to 7a.Access: from […]

Rock & Walls, Luogosanto Street Boulder 2016

Rock ‘n’ Walls Street Boulder

On the weekend of May 14 and 15, Luogosanto will host a new edition of the Street Boulder contest Rock & WallsThe ASD Adventure Inside in collaboration with top Italian climber Gabriele Moroni have set a list of new and existing routes. The list includes many of the boulders that were cleaned and inaugurated for […]

Medusa Climbing Fest 2016

Medusa Climbing Fest @ Samugheo

ASD Geolander have announced the 4th edition of the Medusa Climb Fest, which will take place as usual at the Castello della Medusa, in the territory of Samugheo.The 2016 edition will happen on April 23, 24 and 25 and will be packed with goodies. A part from launching 3 new climbing sectors and a new […]

Diedrolandia: the SUMMER sector

Stefano Barra and Igor Grigorieff have equipped the north face of Monte Tuttavista with a new summer sector. It includes various sport routes and a few multi-pitches. The enormous crag is made of white and grey limestone and divided in three main sectors. On the far end is Frigo, the easiest sector, the central and […]

Climbing topo - Monte Oddeu - Nuove vie - Dorgali Sardinia

Tre Tazze di Te’

Tre Tazze di Te is a splendid Multi-Pitch in Monte Oddeu, created by Pibiri and Erriu and not really considered by the majority of climbers. The vertical slabs are covered with pockets and cracks and the bolting is very cautious. The bolting on difficult passages is very short, so to allow climbers to get out […]

Punta Pillocca Multi-pitches

New Multi-Pitches in Punta Pilocca

The unstoppable Corrado Pibiri, Fabrizio Lampis, Fabio Erriu and Maurizio Oviglia have created three new multi-pitches on the high slabs of Punta Pilocca and re-bolted two historical ones.The first multi-pitches in Punta Pilocca were bolted in 1985 by missing Mondo Liggi, a local climber who become a legend in south Sardinia for scouting and bolting […]

Infiniti Spazi - Climbing in Ulassai

New Multi-Pitches in Ulassai

The wall faces south and is located at 900m above sea level. While it is ideal in spring and autumn, climbing is also possible on sunny winter days. In summer the face receives the shade early in the morning or late in the afternoon.Approach: from Ulassai take the road towards Santa Barbara. Drive past a […]

Via Ferrata Di Giorre

Closure of the Via Ferrata di Giorre

From September 2015 the council of Cargeghe has temporarily closed the Via Ferrata di Giorrè.This is because the Via Ferrata was considered dangerous in a few passages.Updated on the actual state of the Via Ferrata di Giorrè can be found on the website

Rock fall wipes-out portion of the Selvaggio Blu

A major rock fall has wiped out a section of the legendary trekking Selvaggio Blu.The association Explorando Supramonte has provided pictures of the fall, showing an enormous cracked section on the cliff and a vast rocks sweet where once were trees and small vegetation.