Rock & Walls, Luogosanto Street Boulder 2016

Rock ‘n’ Walls Street Boulder

On the weekend of May 14 and 15, Luogosanto will host a new edition of the Street Boulder contest Rock & WallsThe ASD Adventure Inside in collaboration with top Italian climber Gabriele Moroni have set a list of new and existing routes. The list includes many of the boulders that […]

Medusa Climbing Fest 2016

Medusa Climbing Fest @ Samugheo

ASD Geolander have announced the 4th edition of the Medusa Climb Fest, which will take place as usual at the Castello della Medusa, in the territory of Samugheo.The 2016 edition will happen on April 23, 24 and 25 and will be packed with goodies. A part from launching 3 new […]

Diedrolandia: the SUMMER sector

Stefano Barra and Igor Grigorieff have equipped the north face of Monte Tuttavista with a new summer sector. It includes various sport routes and a few multi-pitches. The enormous crag is made of white and grey limestone and divided in three main sectors. On the far end is Frigo, the […]

Climbing topo - Monte Oddeu - Nuove vie - Dorgali Sardinia

Tre Tazze di Te’

Tre Tazze di Te is a splendid Multi-Pitch in Monte Oddeu, created by Pibiri and Erriu and not really considered by the majority of climbers. The vertical slabs are covered with pockets and cracks and the bolting is very cautious. The bolting on difficult passages is very short, so to […]

Punta Pillocca Multi-pitches

New Multi-Pitches in Punta Pilocca

The unstoppable Corrado Pibiri, Fabrizio Lampis, Fabio Erriu and Maurizio Oviglia have created three new multi-pitches on the high slabs of Punta Pilocca and re-bolted two historical ones.The first multi-pitches in Punta Pilocca were bolted in 1985 by missing Mondo Liggi, a local climber who become a legend in south […]

Infiniti Spazi - Climbing in Ulassai

New Multi-Pitches in Ulassai

The wall faces south and is located at 900m above sea level. While it is ideal in spring and autumn, climbing is also possible on sunny winter days. In summer the face receives the shade early in the morning or late in the afternoon.Approach: from Ulassai take the road towards […]

Via Ferrata Di Giorre

Closure of the Via Ferrata di Giorre

From September 2015 the council of Cargeghe has temporarily closed the Via Ferrata di Giorrè.This is because the Via Ferrata was considered dangerous in a few passages.Updated on the actual state of the Via Ferrata di Giorrè can be found on the website

Rock fall wipes-out portion of the Selvaggio Blu

A major rock fall has wiped out a section of the legendary trekking Selvaggio Blu.The association Explorando Supramonte has provided pictures of the fall, showing an enormous cracked section on the cliff and a vast rocks sweet where once were trees and small vegetation.

Gabriele Moroni frees the first 8B boulder in Sardinia

Gabriele Moroni has climbed the first 8B boulder in Sardinia, accompanied by top climbers Mauro Calibani and Filippo Manca.The boulder is located in the sector “Il Bosco” (trans. The Wood), a magnificent woody area scattered with hundreds of granite boulders in Luogosanto, Gallura, in the center of the main bouldering […]

Bouldering in Cornus

The small sector Cornus was opened in 2006 by local climber Filippo Canu and has remained a small and unnoticed bouldering sector. Filippo opened a number of boulders and also bolted a higher basal crag, all known under the name of Hotel Cornus. These boulders are located in a fresh […]

Ichnusa sector – closed

The climbing sector Ichnusa, in Baunei, was closed by local authorities for danger of landslide. The sector,  located a quarter of a mile south of the popular Villaggio Gallico and Creuza de Ma, shows lots of fallen rocks and is now barred with red tape and unmissable signs.Please respect the […]

Warning for sea-side climbing

As posted by Maurizio Oviglia[1], Swiss guide Louis Piguet has recently re-equipped more than 250 bolts on sport and multi-pitch problems around Bugerru (Pranu Sartu) and Cala Gonone (Fuili), finding very disturbing surprises!Piguet warns all climbers to pay immense attention when climbing on sea-cliffs, as many of the bolts he […]

10% Discount on Courses!

We have just resolved a bug on our mailing system and apologize to all those who tried to contact us receiving an error message!! And to SERIOUSLY apologize we will give a 10% discount on courses and day-outs to all requests received before Saturday June 27. Keep on Rockin’! 428

Two new easy multi-pitches to be climbed in Supramonte

The new multi-pitches, opened by Corrado Pibiri, Vincenzo Carcangiu and Fabio Erriu are located inside the Gorroppu gorge, 10 minutes walk away after the legendary crag hosting the ultra-hard Hotel Supramonte.Lughe ‘e vida miaLenght: 475 m (10 pitches, max pitch lenght: 50m) Entirely spitted Quickdraws needed: 11 Max difficulty: one […]

New trad climbs near Cagliari

Granite is the word! And Clean Climbing is the style!We are very used to limestone and well-protected problems, but now we have an opportunity to try something more challenging: trad climbing on granite. The location is better known as Perda sub’e Pari, or Cima Garibaldi, on the Sette Fratelli massif […]

Rock Towers Restyle!

The Aguglia in Cala Goloritze’ lays in the dreams of all those climbers who love multi-pitches and remote locations raising high between sea and rocks. But what after it? Just lay on the beach and enjoy your memories? Never! Pack your ropes, as there are other rock needles towering above […]

All the problems at Monte Oddeu

Four New Multipitches @ Monte Oddeu

This is the best new we could ever post in this site. There should be one like this at least twice a year! There are FOUR new multi-pitches at the Monte Oddeu massif, Dorgali. The Routes: La nostra svizzera: 200m , 6c (6a+ obligatory) Tre tazze di tè: 200m, 6b […]

Climbing topo - Acciughe e Botarga Masua

Two new easy multi-pitches in Masua

Cold Februaty has brought us two new multipitches to keep us enjoying the best south-facing crag in Sardinia: Grand Mammut (6a+, 140m) and Acciughe & Bottarga (6a, 160m). The bolters (Fonnesu, Oviglia and Lagomarsino) have worked to create some easier and more enjoyable routes, against the usual trend to bolt only […]

Aguglia Goloritze Easy Gymnopedie

Restyling the Aguglia (Cala Goloritze)

Great, great, great!! Our Sardinian bolting heroes Oviglia and Piras have just done a magnificent job: restyling the Aguglia in Cala Golotitze with nothing less but stainless steel bolts and belay points!The Aguglia, a huge rock monolith standing atop of a beautiful and hard-to-access beach, has some of the most […]

Settore Mutanda: the new granite sector in S.Maria Navarrese

The Town of Santa Maria Navarrese has witnessed the birth of one more climbing sector: a granite crag next to the existing sector Lucertole al Sole (pag. 342 of Pietra di Luna). We owe this new wall to bolters Mariano Zurru and Giorgio Pusceddu, who named it Settore Mutanda, it […]

Shocking results from Carabiners test

Lab test of carabiners used at belay stationsA sample of carabiners and quickdraws have been tested and analised by Emanuele Pellizzari at the Italian Mountaineering Club Gear and Techniques laboratory at Taggì di Sopra, Villafranca Padovana, Padova, Italy.”Over the last 14 months I’ve collected enough carabiners used as lower-offs at […]

Warning about permanently installed carabiners

Mammut is urgently calling for the immediate discontinuation of use and removal of permanently installed quick draws and carabiners in climbing areas.Irrespective of the manufacturer of such equipment, repeated wear can result in the formation of sharp edges capable of damaging or completely severing ropes, even in relatively small falls.Investigations […]

Sennori, new routes

Thanks to the work of Leo Casini and M.Marini, the crag Bocca dell’Inferno in Sennori now hosts 16 new routes, and the hardest climbs in north Sardinia. Click here to download the new map of the sector. Source: 766

Wild-Country recalls Ropaman 3

Wildcountry has just issued a voluntary recall of the new ascending device Ropeman3.Reason for the recall:The Ropeman III ascending device meets the requirements of EN567 (Mountaineering Equipment. Rope Clamps), however it has come to our attention that in certain circumstances, rather than locking on the rope as expected, the Ropeman […]