Alexander Huber climbs Il Capitano

German top climber Alexander Huber has sent and sent two new clean problems on a sea cliff between Cala Gonone and Baunei.The two problems were named Solemar (8a) and Il Capitano (8b+) and start directly from the sea, requiring a boat to host the belayer. If you think of the […]

Adam Ondra on Marina Superstar - The Hardest climb in Sardinia

The Hardest Problems in Sardinia

Now, many people ask us “what are the hardest climbing problems in Sardinia?” to which we tended to reply very evasively, such as in ‘it depends’I know, it is annoying, you want a direct answer. One name, that’s it, give me that name!…but in effect it does depend! There’s first […]

Gabriele Moroni frees the first 8B boulder in Sardinia

Gabriele Moroni has climbed the first 8B boulder in Sardinia, accompanied by top climbers Mauro Calibani and Filippo Manca.The boulder is located in the sector “Il Bosco” (trans. The Wood), a magnificent woody area scattered with hundreds of granite boulders in Luogosanto, Gallura, in the center of the main bouldering […]