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10 easy multipitches near Gorroppu

Nearly everyone in Sardinia knows of the Gorroppu, the enormous gorge with extremely hard and overhanging multipitches. Unfortunately though, the Gorroppu is famuous for the really hard multipitches and not to be an accessible territory for the many.  We want to prove that this isn’t the case, and also we […]

Feroce Umbra, Monte Oddeu, Multipitch, Sardinia, Italy

Feroce Umbra – New Multi-pitch in Monte Oddeu

Daniele from DPMmontagna shared with us his last creation: a new multipitch @ Monte Oddeu. This is a translation of the description he published on his blog. The route was created bottom-up, starting in May 2016and completing on May 4 2017. The starting bolt is located about 10 meters left […]

Masua new climbing problems

Our three new babies

After dreaming of it far too long we managed to bring drill, anchors and coffee to bolt three new problems in Masua.Our best man Igor spotted the line about one year ago, while descending from multi-pitch No Global. The line was in effect very attractive, a superb overhang and a […]

All the problems at Monte Oddeu

All the Multi-Pitches of Monte Oddeu

Monte Oddeu is probably the best and most accessible crag filled with multi-pitches. It is located above the river Flumineddu, right in-between the Gorroppu gorge and the ancient and mysterious village of Tiscali, only 8 miles from Dorgali.  The height of the routes is 200m in average and difficulties range […]

Climbing topo - Monte Oddeu - Nuove vie - Dorgali Sardinia

Tre Tazze di Te’

Tre Tazze di Te is a splendid Multi-Pitch in Monte Oddeu, created by Pibiri and Erriu and not really considered by the majority of climbers. The vertical slabs are covered with pockets and cracks and the bolting is very cautious. The bolting on difficult passages is very short, so to […]

Two new easy multi-pitches to be climbed in Supramonte

The new multi-pitches, opened by Corrado Pibiri, Vincenzo Carcangiu and Fabio Erriu are located inside the Gorroppu gorge, 10 minutes walk away after the legendary crag hosting the ultra-hard Hotel Supramonte.Lughe ‘e vida miaLenght: 475 m (10 pitches, max pitch lenght: 50m) Entirely spitted Quickdraws needed: 11 Max difficulty: one […]

New trad climbs near Cagliari

Granite is the word! And Clean Climbing is the style!We are very used to limestone and well-protected problems, but now we have an opportunity to try something more challenging: trad climbing on granite. The location is better known as Perda sub’e Pari, or Cima Garibaldi, on the Sette Fratelli massif […]

Rock Towers Restyle!

The Aguglia in Cala Goloritze’ lays in the dreams of all those climbers who love multi-pitches and remote locations raising high between sea and rocks. But what after it? Just lay on the beach and enjoy your memories? Never! Pack your ropes, as there are other rock needles towering above […]

Climbing topo - Acciughe e Botarga Masua

Two new easy multi-pitches in Masua

Cold Februaty has brought us two new multipitches to keep us enjoying the best south-facing crag in Sardinia: Grand Mammut (6a+, 140m) and Acciughe & Bottarga (6a, 160m). The bolters (Fonnesu, Oviglia and Lagomarsino) have worked to create some easier and more enjoyable routes, against the usual trend to bolt only […]

New Multipitches in Surtana

The combined work of the four most active climbers in Sardinia has given rise to four new multi-pitches in the Surtana Valley (Dorgali). The Climbers are the notorius Oviglia, Erriu, Motta and Peveri. Surtana lays only 15 kilometers from Dorgali, on the way to the famous ancient village of Tiscali. […]