A collection of Hand Made climbing Topos

So, let’s share some of this old stuff! This is a post or the old-timers, the hand-made passionate and for those who rage against the PC đŸ™‚ We’ve put together a series of photos (they’re not HiRes scans unfortunately) of original hand written topos, designed and given by the bolters […]

Rock Climbing in Samugheo Sardinia

New Sectors in Samugheo

Samugheo is one of those overlooked climbing locations that lay dormant waiting for the right time to spring to the podium.  Revamped with 2 new sectors: Apoteosi and Tana delle Volpi and rebuilt paths it can now be considered one of the new climbing destination in the Island. The climbing […]

Codula Orbisi Sardegna canyoning

All Canyons in Sardinia

Just to sum up all scattered information, this is a final, complete list of all known canyons in Sardinia. It includes both wet and dry canyons. Most of the wet canyons are practicable only from November to April , when the water level is sufficient to enjoy abseiling and swimming. […]

Bouldering in Porto Ferro, climbing sardinia

Acropaiort Boulder Contest

1st Edition of the ACROPAIORT Bouldering ContestSaturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May – Porto FerroWhat’s OnSaturday 15.00 Meet-up by B&B Campi Elisi and visit to the boulders 16.30 Slackline 30 m, ping pong, Qi Gong, yoga, relax area 21.00 Social Dinner, beer and musicSunday 10.00 Signing-up kids and adults […]

All the problems at Monte Oddeu

All the Multi-Pitches of Monte Oddeu

Monte Oddeu is probably the best and most accessible crag filled with multi-pitches. It is located above the river Flumineddu, right in-between the Gorroppu gorge and the ancient and mysterious village of Tiscali, only 8 miles from Dorgali.  The height of the routes is 200m in average and difficulties range […]

Diedrolandia: the SUMMER sector

Stefano Barra and Igor Grigorieff have equipped the north face of Monte Tuttavista with a new summer sector. It includes various sport routes and a few multi-pitches. The enormous crag is made of white and grey limestone and divided in three main sectors. On the far end is Frigo, the […]

Climbing topo - Monte Oddeu - Nuove vie - Dorgali Sardinia

Tre Tazze di Te’

Tre Tazze di Te is a splendid Multi-Pitch in Monte Oddeu, created by Pibiri and Erriu and not really considered by the majority of climbers. The vertical slabs are covered with pockets and cracks and the bolting is very cautious. The bolting on difficult passages is very short, so to […]

Via Ferrata Di Giorre

Closure of the Via Ferrata di Giorre

From September 2015 the council of Cargeghe has temporarily closed the Via Ferrata di Giorrè.This is because the Via Ferrata was considered dangerous in a few passages.Updated on the actual state of the Via Ferrata di Giorrè can be found on the website www.ferratagiorre.com