The Great Trail of Gennargentu

The Great Trail of Gennargentu

You may know that Sardinia, although being a very large island, is so scarcely populated and covered with wild and broad mountainous areas that only brigands and the military have a faint understanding of its entire morphology.

Starting from the southern point of the National Park of the Orosei Bay and Gennargentu, the Great Trail of Gennargentu crosses the highest peaks of Sardinia. The itinerary develops on a total of 40 kilometers to walk during three days, among plateaus, canyons and high mountains from where to gaze at 360 degrees. Passing from Punta Lamarmora you will walk on a wild and uncontaminated territory, on juniper forests and vast open spaces populated by the Golden Eagle, the Mouflon and the wild cat just to name a few.

Grande Traversata del Gennargentu

How do we run the Great Trekking of Gennargentu

Our tours are planned to reduce any possible risk, led by professional guides and supported by a meticulous logistic support. The group meets in Aritzo at 9am on the day of departure. The tour ends 2 days later at the Arcu Correboi around 2pm, where our team will meet the group and drive it back to Aritzo (1 h 30" drive).

Arriving: we expect all participants to be in Aritzo at 9am. Our guide will check all participants equipment and then start walking from town.

Food: you can choose to have your own food, with your cutlery, burners, stoves and all. In alternative we can provide it all (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner). Please ask us about availability. We fix breakfast and dinner on the spot, and take care of all waste.

Water: there are many fountains along the itinerary where it is possible to fill your bottles

Accommodation: each of the 2 nights is spent on unattended huts. You can choose to have your tent instead.

Sleeping: you must have your sleeping bag and inflatable. A tent is optional.

Facilities: there are NO facilities at all. This is a trek on a wild mountain region.

Gennargentu, day 1
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What is included

  • 3 Walking days lead by a professional guide
  • Transfer from ending to start point

What you need

  • Ruck-sack 50 lt
  • Food for three days
  • Cooking stoves, burner and cutlery
  • A large water bottle and water
  • Sleeping Bag:  0/+5 °C
  • Sleeping mat
  • Head light and spare batteries
  • Trekking shoes
  • 2 or 3 T-Shirts and underwear changes
  • Ragged trousers
  • Warm jumper
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • Hat, glasses and sun-cream
  • Insects repellent
  • Towel and minimal toiletries
  • Personal medication


The table below lists all prices, showing starting price for the Guided Tour with transfers, and additional price for us providing Food. All prices are Per Person

N.of People Guided Tour + Food
2 to 3 € 450 € 280
4 to 5 € 400 € 250
06 to 08 € 350 € 200



Day One

Starting: Aritzo (840m asl)
Length: 13 km
Gain: 1000 m
Time: 8 h
End: Girgini (1090 m asl)

Highlights: after meeting in Aritzo the group sets off to a little country church, from where the real trek starts. The path crosses little rivers and thick oak forests. This day is the most "woody" of the whole trek. It ends by the unattended hut at Girgini, with a wonderful 360° view

Day Two

Starting: Girgini (1090 m asl)
Length: 18 km
Gain: 1150 m
Time: 10 h
End: Bruncu Spina (1380m asl)

Highlights: this is a very tiring day and must be started as early as possible. The path climbs up to the crests of the highest peaks in Sardinia, from where it is possible to overlook a great portion of the island.

Day Three

Starting: Bruncu Spina (1380m asl)
Length: 10 km
Gain: 450 m
Time: 6 h
End: Arco Correboi (1250m asl)

Highlights: the third day is the easiest but still incredibly panoramic. It keeps the line of crest, allowing participants to gaze all directions and enjoy an easy ending