The Great Trail of Gennargentu

The Great Trail of Gennargentu

Great Trail of Gennargentu, trekking in the MediterraneanYou may know that Sardinia, although being a very large island, is so scarcely populated and covered with wild and broad mountainous areas that only brigands and the military have a faint understanding of its entire morphology.

Starting from the southern point of the National Park of the Orosei Bay and Gennargentu, the Great Trail of Gennargentu crosses the highest peaks of Sardinia. The itinerary develops on a total of 40 kilometers to walk during three days, among plateaus, canyons and high mountains from where to gaze at 360 degrees. Passing from Punta Lamarmora you will walk on a wild and uncontaminated territory, on juniper forests and vast open spaces populated by the Golden Eagle, the Mouflon and the wild cat just to name a few.


What is included

The Great Trial of Gennargentu costs €320 per person and includes:

  • 3 Walking days lead by a professional guide
  • Transfer from ending to start point

The minimum number of participants for each trekking is 4.
To ensure a successful booking we recommend contacting us one month in advance.
All participants should be fit to walk on steep and rocky paths.
Our treks run only in Spring and Autumn.

It is possible to arrange a dinner on a refuge along the path with typical Sardinian food and wine.

What you need

  • Ruck-sack 30/40 lt (sleeping and heavy equipment will be carried to the next sleeping point via boat)
  • Food for three days
  • A large water bottle and water for the first day
  • Sleeping Bag:  0/+5 °C
  • Sleeping mat
  • Head light
  • Trekking shoes
  • 2 or 3 T-Shirts and underwear changes
  • Ragged trousers
  • Warm jumper
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • Hat, glasses and sun-cream
  • Insects repellent
  • Towel and minimal toiletries
  • Personal medication

You are welcomed to bring along your photographic or other equipment, as long as it is not bulky, heavy or otherwise of hindrance to your walk.

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