Selvaggio Blu

Selvaggio Blu

The Selvaggio Blu is an extreme trekking, and one of the most beautiful in Italy. As opposed to usual trekking, it is a thorough mountaineering experience. The entire walk takes 6 days to complete and runs on top of a remote limestone coast, passing through thick forests, hidden caves and deep canyons. Many of the labyrinthine paths end abruptly at the edge of high sea cliffs or gorges, making it necessary to abseil, climb or walk on exposed passages.

You will be living a truly fascinating adventure on the most isolated Mediterranean coastline, walking over sea-cliffs, through rock arches and into narrow chasms. You will be experiencing real wilderness, surpassing mountains and sleeping three unforgettable nights under the stars on beaches, caves or abandoned shepherds’ refuges.

There are many variations to the original route, but we walk the original one, which offers the best panoramas and understanding of ancient Sardinian mountain life.

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all about the selvaggio blu

The usual route takes 5 or 6 days of walking and is open to anybody with a minimum preparation. You need to be able to walk on steep and very uneven terrain, descend scree and have no fear of the heights. It is so hard and sustained that it is unthinkable of walking 6 days carrying large rucksacks with water, food, ropes, tents and all the necessary equipment. A logistic support is absolutely necessary.

Our tours are led by professional local guides and our team provides an all-round service, from accommodation before and after the trek to daily provision of water and, of course, all meals. Do not fear starvation, our dinners are cooked on the spot using only fresh local products.

All our expeditions are studied to reduce any possible risk, thanks to the immense knowledge of our expert guides and our meticulous logistic support. Some of our guides have been walking the Selvaggio Blu for the last 20 years and know all secrets and feasible escape routes. In addition they are backed by our support via boats and 4-wheels-drives.

Next Dates

March 2019

Friday 29 to Thursday April 4


Friday 12 to Thursday 18

Friday 19 to Thursday 25  (Booked OUT)

Tuesday 28 to Monday 03 May

Complete – 6 Days

The Complete Route is divided in 6 walking days. Everybody is welcomed to participate to this trekking provided is in good physical shape and can walk for 6 days on rocks and steep paths. It is possible to withdraw at the end of every day and it is not necessary to strive to the end. There are many variations to the original route, the ones we walk are the ones that offer the best panoramas and understanding of the Sardinian mountain life.

Both routes can be extended (arriving to Cala Luna), diminished or adapted to various group requirements.

We expect participants to arrive the day prior to starting, have a dinner on an organic farm (included in the price) and meet the guide. We will be explaining once more and in more details the route schedule and answer all last-minute questions. 

Price: €850 per person
Group minimum: 4 people
Group Max: 12 people

Complete Selvaggio Blu does not run in July and August. 


Express – 2 days

The Selvaggio Blu Express focuses on the final two days of the trekking. It starts from Cala Goloritze and ends in Cala Sisine, passing from the most athletic and demanding spots. It is here that the trekking merges with mountaineering, passing from exposed paths and abseiling from sea crags to the path below. 

Price: €450 per person
Group minimum: 2 people
Group Max: 8 people

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What is included

Professional guide to lead the group,yes,yes,yes
Briefing on day before leaving,yes,yes,yes
Packed lunches,6,4,0
Typical dinners (upon request),yes,yes,yes
Logistic support and daily provisions of water (via boat or 4×4),yes,yes,no
Daily transfers of your heavy or bulky equipment (via boat or 4×4),yes,yes,no
Transport to starting point and return (via boat or 4×4),yes,yes,yes
Logistic support ready for retreat (via boat or 4×4),yes,yes,yes

It is preferable to have some abseiling experience.
Participants should be fit to walk on steep and uneven rocky paths.
4 is the minimum number of participants and 12 is the max.

We provide all water and food supplies, you are welcomed to bring your own water bottle and cutlery.

You are welcomed to bring along your photographic or other equipment, as long as it is not bulky, heavy or otherwise of hindrance for your walk.

What you need

Daily use

  • Ruck-sack 40 lt
  • Head light + spare batteries
  • Trekking shoes
  • 3 or 4 T-Shirts and underwear changes
  • Bathing suit
  • Ragged trousers + shorts
  • Warm jumper
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • Hat, glasses and sun-cream
  • Insects repellent
  • Towel and minimal toiletries
  • Personal medication


  • Small Tent
  • Sleeping Bag: 0/+5 °C
  • Sleeping mat


The Entire route

Day One

Start: Pedra Longa
End: Ginnirco
Lenght: 12km
Time: 5 Hours
Elevation Gain: 800m (2600ft)
Abseils: none
Scrambling: none

Day Two

Start: Gennirco
End: Portu Pedrosu
Lenght: 8km
Time: 6 Hours
Elevation Gain: 200m (650ft)
Abseils: none
Scrambling: short

Day Three

Start: Portu Petrosu
End: Cala Goloritze
Lenght: 12km
Time: 6 Hours
Elevation Gain: 600m (2000ft)
Abseils: none
Scrambling: none

Day Four

Start: Cala Goloritze
End: S’Arcu de su Tasaru
Lenght: 5 km
Time: 4 Hours
Elevation Gain: 450m (1500ft)
Abseils: none
Scrambling: hard

Day Five

Start: S’Arcu de su Tesaru
End: Bacu su Filiau
Lenght: 11 km
Time: 8 Hours
Elevation Gain: 1000m (3300ft)
Abseils: 5
Scrambling: long & severe

Day Six

Start: Bacu su Feilau
End: Cala Sisine
Lenght: 8 km
Time: 8 Hours
Elevation Gain: 465m (1500ft)
Abseils: 4
Scrambling: Severe

4 days – extreme route

Day One

Start: Pedra Longa
End: Portu Pedrosu
Lenght: 12km
Time: 9 Hours
Elevation Gain: 1200m (4000ft)

Day Two

Start: Porto Pedrosu
End: Cala Goloritze’
Lenght: 10km
Time: 7 hours
Elevation Gain: 900m (3000ft)

Day Three

Start: Cala Goloritze’
End: Arco su Feilau
Lenght: 7km
Time: 8 hours
Elevation Gain: 1160m (3800ft)

Day Four

Start: Arco su Feilau
End: Cala Sisine
Lenght: 8km
Time: 7 hours
Elevation Gain: 1150m (3800ft)

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