Via Ferrata di Tavolara

Via Ferrata di Tavolara

The trekking that reaches the pinnacle of Tavolara, known as Punta Cannone (564m asl), is as beautiful as strenuous.

The journey starts at Cala Finanza, where the group meets and takes a 10 minutes boat ride to reach the island. Once on the island, the path gets into a thick oak forest at the base of the mountain, becoming steeper and harder until ropes are necessary to overcome some otherwise deadly passages. Towards the top, when the limestone crag becomes nearly vertical, the Via Ferrata di Tavolara is the only solution to reach the summit and enjoy a break with an immense view over the coast.

Due to high temperatures our summer tours start at 7am, reaching the summit by 11am and returning by lunch time.

Via Ferrata di Tavolara, Sardegna

What is included

  • Professional guide
  • Helmets, harnesses ropes and Via Ferrata set

What you need

You don't need to be fit, and don't need any experience. Be prepared to face high drops, climb iron ladders or help your way up using steel cables. You need to have:

  • Trekking shoes (no sandals, flip-flops or lightly soled shoes)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • 1.5 litres of water and some snacks